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Erindale Guest House

Our Story

We had stayed in B&B’s both domestically and internationally, with the seed firmly planted to one day run our own guest house facility. We started to search hospitality brokerages and found a B&B in Beechworth advertised for sale. We spent many a night visiting B&B’s across regional Victoria and Tasmania but our heart kept bringing us back to Beechworth and in particular Erindale Guest House.

The character of the building along with its light filled conservatory, the expansive landscaped gardens and the well-appointed ensuite bedrooms allowing our guests to their own space to relax and enjoy this historical homestead convinced us that this would be a beautiful home for us and our guests.

We moved from the Mornington Peninsula Region as it was becoming too busy and crowded and we wanted a more relaxed lifestyle and to enjoy the beautiful seasons that Beechworth has to offer along with its surrounding natural beauty and its abundance of fine food and wines.

We took over Erindale Guest House in June 2012 to start our new venture. The gardens are a labour of love for Charles who has always had an involvement in horticulture. He enjoys the never ending changes that the different seasons bring to his garden and in particular the surprises that Spring brings with its new growth and flowering bulbs popping up throughout the garden.

Guest House Beechworth VictoriaGuest House Beechworth Victoria

Also we are very mindful of our environment and as such all the organic waste is composted on site and used in the garden.

We combine our talents for cooking and offer homemade afternoon tea on arrival served in the sunny Conservatory, along with a complimentary local port and specialty chocolates of an evening and provide a delectable gourmet breakfast for our guests with Glenda’s muffins being a popular choice of guests. We also offer small groups of 6 to 8 guests by arrangement a private dinner party derived from locally sourced produce served on the antique mahogany dining table.

Erindale B&B Beechworth Victoria Erindale B&B Beechworth Victoria

History of Erindale

Erindale Guest House before renovationsIn 1853 John Whity paid 75 pounds for 5 acres of land upon which Erindale (Circa 1870) now stands. The first two rooms were the first to be built sometime in the late 1860’s and the second two rooms were completed shortly thereafter, all with 12 foot ceilings. The current Dining room (then Kitchen) and the current Lounge were completed circa 1890, also with 12 foot ceilings. Records show that local businessman William Connolly (1854-1889) lived at 1 Victoria Road, and it is he who most likely named the property Erindale.

Since then Erindale has had a variety of occupants including the State School Headmaster.

In 1903 the Forestry Commission purchased the property and Erindale became the home of the Chief Forester and his family. The deal was, that the Forester paid little rent on the understanding the Commission did little to the home. Over a period of 70 odd years the state of Erindale declined to the point where Mr. Lapin, the last Forester to live at Erindale, wrote a letter of complaint in 1973. A short time later Erindale was sold into private hands.

Erindale Guest House before renovationsMs. Bolton fell in love with Erindale in 1994 even though the property had not been touched for 80 years. In 1997/1998 with an injection of enthusiasm and an eye for detail, Jane and Rob lovingly restored and renovated the home to its former glory with the specific purpose of running it as a B&B.

Meticulous care was taken with the renovation, in particular with the front section of the house. Each piece of wood, cornice, architrave and skirting board was removed, numbered, stripped, sanded and returned from where it came. The door locks, windows and the internal doors are original, as is the Kauri and Baltic Pine flooring.

In doing so they received an award from the Indigo Shire Historic Advisory Board, and the property appeared in ‘Period Home Renovator Magazine’. They ran the B&B for 10 years and the property was then sold to Tony & Ann who also ran it as a B&B for another 5 years. We then took over Erindale in June, 2012.